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2016 INSIDE 4 WAYSTO TAILOR YOUR GETAWAY EXPLORE DISCOVER Go off the beaten track RELAX REJUVENATE Family down time made easy ESCAPE UNWIND Find some you time INDULGE SAVOUR Let calm takeover VACATIONS MEETINGS EVENTS WEDDINGS GROUP FUN 2 GO RESORTING 2016 Vacations Perfect getaways for family fun and romantic Escapes. Meetings Professional corporate and executive retreats team building and trade shows. Weddings Plan your wedding at perfect spots for intimate dream weddings lakeside and outdoors. Groups Life celebrations reunions girls getaways golf groups and special interests. GoResorting Our unique resorts offer distinct experiences for all reasons - in all seasons CONTENTS 4 About Go Resorting 24 Give the Gift of the Getaway FIND YOUR EXPERIENCE 9 EXPLORE DISCOVER Go off the beaten path 13 RELAX REJUVENATE Family down time made easy 18 ESCAPE UNWIND Find some You time 20 INDULGE SAVOUR Let calm take over RESORT FINDER 6 Alphabetical Resort Index 22 Resort Listings 25 Map of Ontario 26 Find a Resort by Region 09 13 18 20 3GO RESORTING 2016 Facebook.comResortsofOntario Twitter.comResortsOntario Go Resorting is published annually by Resorts of Ontario 29 Albert St. N. Orillia Canada L3V 5J9 1.800.363.7227 2016 Go Resorting Editor Grace Sammut Advertising Sales Mary McIsaac Glenn Spriggs Creative Direction Alphabet Creative Raesgo Creative Graphic Designer Jamie Staring Photo Credits Ontario Tourism Marketing Partnership Corporation Lets face it. You dont want an OK holiday you want an OMG one. You dont have to venture far to find it. You can have that memorable cant-wait-to- boast-about-it holiday experience right here in Ontario at one of the provinces many resorts. Endless variety is the name of the game in Ontario. Theres a resort for every possible taste. Want a golf vacation or a fishing hol- iday Weve got you covered. Need a fam- ily vacation full of fun and thrills for all ages No problem. Or perhaps you desire a romantic couples retreat with fine dining candlelit dinners soothing couples mas- sages and intimate accommodations Some of Ontarios many varied resorts cater specifically to a particular clientele so its easy to find the perfect destination for your getaway. This wide range of resorting options is what makes Ontario so interesting and fun there is such vast range in the types of areas you can explore and experiences you can enjoy without having to travel too far. Every reason to travel is different and within Ontario theres a property to satisfy the travel needs of any potential guest. And theres no better time to experience an Ontario resort than in 2016. The current situation with the Canadian dollar as well as weird weather and other uncertainties worldwide are forcing peo- ple to think differently about how and where they travel. Those that once took long trips to our neighbours to the south or even overseas are now opting for shorter staycations in their own Canadian backyard. For Canadian tourism this is a blessing as so much of the Canadian land- scape goes undiscovered by our own citi- zens. 2016 offers a great opportunity to explore our province and shed light on the amazing hospitality that is just down the highway. Book a weekend at an Ontario inn resort or lodge instead. You may never go abroad again. At one time family owned and operated inns dominated cottage country. Families would frequent their chosen property year after year passing down the tradition from generation to generation creating tight bonds with innkeepers that became more friend than host. Thankfully such proper- ties still exist in Ontario and are prized for the intimacy personal touches and famil- iarity they provide. Visiting a country inn is like going home again. 4 GO RESORTING 2016 Theres no better time to Go Resorting By Andrew Hind 5GO RESORTING 2016 Inns such as these are an ideal base from which to explore and discover the splen- dors that Ontario is blessed with. There are resorts nearby such world renowned attractions as including the thunder of Niagara Falls the majestic shores of Georgian Bay the pristine wilderness of Algonquin Park and the scenic tranquility of the Thousand Islands. What could be more memorable that exploring some of the worlds most spectacular natural won- ders during the day then returning to com- fort and warm hospitality for the evening. Resorting in Ontario gives families and couples a chance to see the beauty of our province the way international tourists dobut with the pride of being in our own backyard and with the ease of being able to get away at a moments notice. Wilder- ness attractions like Algonquin Park draw visitors from all over the world and here you can literally jump in your car book a relaxing stay at a nearby resort and lose yourself in the wonders of Canadian nature. Ontarios resorts are more than just a place from which to explore local sites. They are a destination unto themselves with a wide-range of amenitiesfrom golf and watersports to horseback riding and live music to entertain guests during their stay. Full service resorts allow guests to escape and unwind from the stresses of everyday life seeing to their every whim. Some have so much to see and do that you might be tempted to spend the weekend and never leave its scenic property. With a blend of attractions for young and old Ontarios inclusive resorts are ideal for families. Oftentimes a family vacation becomes little more than an all-encom- passing effort to keep children entertained. At Ontarios full service resorts a mixture of youth-friendly amenities and entertain- ing activity programs for children means the work is done for harried parents. Better still here parents can actually relax and rejuvenateat Ontario resorts a family vacation means a holiday for everyone parents and children alike. Theyre also the stuff of fond family moments the kind of place where a simple photograph will conjure up cherished memories even decades later. On the other end of the spectrum from large all-encompassing resorts are the smaller properties that trade in size for intimacy romance and elegance where you gaze into your mates eyes while eating a fine-dining dinner luxuriate in a soothing spa treatment and enjoy subtle luxuries that elevate the experience to unforgettable. Here you indulge and savor the best that Ontario has to offer. Culinary travel is more popular than ever and within our province there is a surprising range of terroirfrom the fresh fish cranberries and wild blueberries of the north to fresh fruits and award-winning wines of the Niagara regionbeing ele- vated to new heights by a generation of ambitious and skilled chefs the envy of anywhere in the world. Sinfully full you spend a full blissful hours soaking in a hot tub savoring a massage or being pampered by skilled aestheticians at a luxurious spa. And Ontarios resorts are all-season. Every season has its own unique appeal from the rejuvenating warmth of spring to the paint- ers palette of colours that is an autumn forest. Even winter the much-maligned season can be spectacular. Increasingly people are letting a little white magic into their lives with winter-warmer getaways. Winter is catching on as more and more guests choose to embrace this uniquely Canadian season. Why not revel in experi- encing the many Canadiana winter firsts first time snowshoeing first time cross-country skiing first time ice-fishing first time seeing the Northern Lights Every resort is unique each one has its own charms and special appeal. Whether youre looking for a conference site a fam- ily vacation or reunion destination a truly memorable wedding locale a romantic getaway with a loved one or a base from which to explore the provinces world-class attractions Ontarios resorts have every- thing you could possibly desireand more. An OMG vacation is just a short drive away. Andrew Hind is a freelance writer specializing in travel and history. Together with Maria Da Silva he has authored 17 books including Muskoka Resorts Then and Now and Sherwood Inn 75 Years of Tradition. OPENALLYEAR ONTHEWATER PETSALLOWED HOURSFROM TO 6 GO RESORTING 2016 Alphabetical Index to Members CLOSEST CITY Ahmic Lake Resort 1-866-857-7946 Parry Sound 2 Algonquin Cottage Outpost Log Cabin 1-416-486-3605 South River 3.5 Balsam Resort 1-800-561-5040 Fenelon Falls 2 Bartlett Lodge - Algonquin Park 1-866-614-5355 Algonquin Park 3 12 Bayview Wildwood Resort 1-800-461-0243 Orillia 1.5 16 Beachwood Resort 1-888-313-1118 Peterborough 2 16 Beauview Cottage Resort 1-800-363-6047 Huntsville 2.5 Bellmere Winds Resort 1-877-814-4141 Peterborough 1.5 Big Moose Camp 1-705-752-3738 North Bay 3.5 Billie Bear Lodge 1-705-635-1330 Huntsville 2.5 Birch Bend Cottage Resort 1-705-657-8891 Peterborough 2 Birch Cliff Lodge 1-613-332-3316 Bancroft 3 Blue Mountain Lodge in the Kawarthas 1-705-877-2159 Peterborough 2 Blue Mountain Resort 1-877-445-0231 Collingwood 2 11 Blue Spruce Resort 1-855-635-2330 Huntsville 2.5 Blue Water Acres Resort 1-800-461-4279 Huntsville 2.5 Bondi Village Resort 1-888-300-2132 Huntsville 2.5 22 Bonnie View Inn 1-800-461-0347 Minden 2.5 The Briars 1-800-465-2376 Toronto 1 19 Brighton Inn Bed Breakfast 1-888-895-5807 Brighton 1.5 Calabogie Peaks Resort 1-800-669-4861 Ottawa 4 Carriage Ridge Resort at Horseshoe Valley 1-866-729-7023 Barrie 1.5 Cedar Grove Lodge 1-800-461-4269 Huntsville 2.5 Cherry Beach Resort 1-877-814-4141 Picton 2 Christies Mill Inn Spa 1-800-465-9966 Port Severn 1.5 Claramount Inn Spa Restaurant 1-800-679-7756 Picton 2 Clearview Cottage Resort 1-705-652-3542 Peterborough 1.5 19 Cobble Beach 1-888-278-8112 Owen Sound 2.5 Couples Resort 1-866-202-1179 Algonquin Park 3.5 Cranberry Golf Resort 1-800-465-9077 Collingwood 2 Deerhurst Resort 1-800-461-4393 Huntsville 2 Delawana Resort 1-888-557-0980 Honey Harbour 2 Drake Devonshire Inn 1-844-898-3338 Picton 2 Echo Bay Cottages 1-416-528-7463 Picton 2 Eganridge Inn Country Club 1-705-738-5111 Fenelon Falls 2 22 Elk Lake Eco Centre 1-877-678-2248 Elk Lake 5.5 Elmhirsts Resort 1-800-461-1940 Peterborough 1.5 19 Elm Hurst Inn Spa 1-800-561-5321 Ingersol 1.5 Fern Resort 1-800-567-3376 Orillia 1.5 14 Fernleigh Lodge 1-866-459-9099 Cloyne 3 Footprints Resort 1-705-927-2443 Bancroft 3 Foxwood Resort 1-866-919-3933 Huntsville 2.5 The Gananoque Inn Spa 1-888-565-3101 Kingston 2.5 Georgian Bay Hotel Conference Centre 1-800-482-7894 Collingwood 2 Glen House Resort 1-800-268-4536 Gananoque 3 11 The Glenerin Inn Spa 1-877-991-9971 Mississauga .25 Golden Beach Resort 1-800-263-7781 Peterborough 1.5 22 Grail Springs 1-877-553-5772 Bancroft 3 Grand Tappattoo Resort 1-705-378-2210 Parry Sound 2 Green Acres Inn 1-800-267-7889 Kingston 3 Halimar Resort 1-800-223-7322 Haliburton 2 Heather Lodge 1-800-362-6676 Minden 2.5 Hidden Valley Resort Muskoka 1-800-465-4171 Huntsville 2 Hockley Valley Resort 1-866-462-5539 Orangeville .75 21 Horseshoe Resort 1-800-461-5627 Barrie 1 Inn on the Twenty 1-800-701-8074 Jordan 1.25 The Irwin Inn 1-800-461-6490 Peterborough 2 Isaiah Tubbs Resort Conference Centre 1-800-724-2393 Picton 2 22 JW Marriott The Rosseau Muskoka 1-866-240-8605 Minett 2 22 Kempenfelt Conference Centre 1-705-722-8089 Barrie 1 Killarney Lodge 1-877-614-7583 Algonquin Park 3.5 10 Killarney Mountain Lodge 1-800-461-1117 Killarney 4.5 19 Knights Inn Lagoon Harbour Resort Hotel 1-705-505-5366 Brechin 1.5 14 WEBSITEPHONE PAGENUMBER OPENALLYEAR ONTHEWATER PETSALLOWED HOURSFROM TO 7GO RESORTING 2016 Alphabetical Index to Members CLOSEST CITYWEBSITEPHONE Lake Edge Cottages 1-705-652-9080 Peterborough 1.5 Lake Herridge Lodge 1-800-838-0891 Temagami 4.5 Lakeside Cottages 1-705-652-7160 Peterborough 1.5 22 Lantern Bay Resort 1-877-814-4141 Gravenhurst 1.5 Lodge at Pine Cove 1-705-898-2500 Sudbury 4 Logpointe Housekeeping Cottages 1-705-756-5537 Port Severn 1.5 Lone Maple Cottages 1-705-738-2801 Bobcaygeon 1.5 Long Point Eco-Adventures 1-877-743-8687 St. Williams 2 Loughborough Inn 1-800-201-2837 Kingston 3 Lumina Resort 1-800-461-4371 Huntsville 2.5 15 McCrearys Beach Resort 1-877-814-4141 Perth 4 Millcroft Inn Spa 1-800-383-3976 Orangeville 1 16 Norsemen Walker Lake Resort 1-705-635-2473 Huntsville 2.5 The Northridge 1-705-384-2252 Sundridge 3 Oakwood Inn 1-519-238-2324 Grand Bend 2 17 Ogopogo Resort 1-866-405-8938 Minden 2 Pigeon Lake Resort 1-705-738-2333 Bobcaygeon 1.5 Pillar and Post 1-888-669-5566 Niagara on the Lake 1.5 17 Pine Vista Resort 1-800-634-2848 Peterborough 1.5 15 Pinestone Resort Conference Centre 1-800-461-0357 Haliburton 2.5 Port Cunnington Lodge Resort 1-800-894-1105 Huntsville 2.5 12 Pretty River Valley Country Inn 1-855-445-7598 Collingwood 2 RiverRun Rafting Wilderness Resort 1-800-267-8504 Beachburg 5 Rocky Crest Golf Resort 1-866-323-3305 MacTier 2 15 Rosemount Inn Spa 1-888-871-8844 Kingston 3 Royal Harbour Resort 1-877-540-8633 Thornbury 2.5 Sandy Lane Resort 1-800-461-1422 Minden 2.5 22 Saucy Willow Inn 1-888-454-1218 Coboconk 2 Scotsman Point Cottage Resort 1-800-267-1310 Peterborough 2.5 Severn Lodge 1-844-322-8810 Port Severn 1.5 17 Shamrock Bay Resort 1-877-814-4141 Gravenhurst 2 Shamrock Lodge 1-705-765-3177 Port Carling 2 Sherwood Inn 1-866-844-2228 Port Carling 2 19 Sir Sams Inn WaterSpa 1-800-361-2188 Haliburton 2.5 Southview Cottages 1-705-939-6761 Peterborough 2.5 19 Southwinds Resort Marina 1-800-472-5441 Bobcaygeon 1.5 Spectacle Lake Lodge 1-800-567-4044 Barrys Bay 3.5 Sportsmans Inn Resort Marina 1-877-333-7510 Killarney 4.5 Ste. Annes Spa 1-888-346-6772 Grafton 1 Stone Gate Inn 1-877-674-5542 Orillia 1.5 Sunny Point Resort Cottages Inn 1-800-265-0432 Parry Sound 2 22 Tally-Ho Inn 1-800-461-4232 Huntsville 2.5 Three Castles Resort 1-800-924-2602 Peterborough 2.5 Tower Manor Lodge 1-905-342-2078 Bewdley 1.5 Travelodge Hotel Belleville 1-800-420-3555 travelodge.capropertytravelodge-hotel-belleville Belleville 2 Trillium Resort Spa 1-800-263-6600 Huntsville 2 Viamede Conference Resort Spa 1-800-461-1946 Peterborough 2 Victoria Inn 1-905-342-3261 Gores Landing 2 The Village Inn 1-800-827-5678 Peterborough 1.5 Vine Ridge Resort 1-877-814-4141 Niagara on the Lake 1.5 The Waring House 1-800-621-4956 Picton 2 Westover Inn 1-800-268-8243 St. Marys 2 Westwind Inn 1-800-387-8100 Peterborough 2 19 White Oaks Resort Spa 1-800-263-5766 Niagara on the Lake 2 21 Windermere House 1-888-946-3376 Windermere 2.5 Woodland Estate Resort 1-877-814-4141 Campbellford 2 Woodlawn Country Inn Restaurant 1-800-573-5003 Cobourg 1 YMCA Geneva Park 1-705-325-2253 Orillia 1.5 Attractions Algonquin Outfitters 1-705-787-0262 Huntsville 2.5 Niagara Helicopters 1-905-357-5672 Niagara Falls 1.5 Snow Valley Resort 1-705-721-7669 Barrie 1 Wilderness Tours 1-888-723-8669 Beachburg 5 PAGENUMBER INDULGE SAVOUR RELAX REJUVENATE EXPLORE DISCOVER ESCAPE UNWIND WHAT EXPERIENCE ARE YOU LOOKING FOR PG 9 PG 13 PG 20PG 18 8 GO RESORTING 2016 EXPLORE DISCOVER GO OFF THE BEATEN TRACK Enjoy surprises and the unexpected For those who like to be active hands on and connect with the real world this collection of resorts are for you. Just imagine yourself in a lakeside cabin chalet or condo close to nature exploring some of the worlds most spectacular natural environments. Ontario resorts are more than a place from which to explore they are destinations with a range of amenities comfort and warm hospitality. Understated charm. Shared experiences. Local touches. WHAT TO EXPECT 9GO RESORTING 2016 10 GO RESORTING 2015 1 877 614 7583 R e l a x E x p l o r e E n j o y Your own cabin in Algonquin Park - Fine Country Dining included This is home... come visit anytime in Algonquin Park Lodge illarneyK 11GO RESORTING 2016 877-445-0231 The seasons may change but that doesnt mean the excitement has to stop. Set your sights on Blue Mountain as your destination for year-round family adventure. Start planning your escape at C M Y CM MY CY CMY K BMR-ForSeasons-GoResortingMagazine-5x10.pdf 1 12282015 124347 PM EXPLORE DISCOVER Call to Book your Stay a Romance or a Stay and Play Package 1-800-268-4536 Gananoque Ontario Home of In the Heart of the 1000 Islands 2016 Resorts Ontario Go Resorting_Layout 1 201 meetings Planning a Meeting or event Consider our professional Resort destinations throughout Ontario 12 GO RESORTING 2016 Quality Time Begins Here Our historic resort has been welcoming guests for 125 years. At Port Cunnington Lodge Resort we make it easy to relax and unwind with our commitment to old-fashioned warm hospitality. 1679 PORT CUNNINGTON ROAD LAKE OF BAYS R.R. 1 DWIGHT ON P0A 1H0 1-800-894-1105 705-635-2505 CUSTOM CHALETS TRADITIONAL COTTAGES MULTIPLEXES FAMILYVACATIONS WEDDINGS BANQUETS ROMANTIC GETAWAYS CORPORATE EVENTS TEAM BUILDING EXPLORE DISCOVER RELAX REJUVENATE WHAT TO EXPECT 13GO RESORTING 2016 FAMILY DOWN TIME MADE EASY Cherish ordinary moments and give kids the time of their life at the same time. Escape from the stresses of everyday and let Ontarios inclusive resorts take care of you. Ideal for families they offer a mix of youth-friendly amenities and entertaining activity programs for children - giving parents time to relax and rejuvenate. Our family oriented environment is perfect for celebrating life relaxing and indulging in individual pleasures. Entertainment galore. Memories to cherish. Comfortable surroundings. 14 GO RESORTING 2016 RELAX REJUVENATE groups Getting the gang together Our resorts are ideal destinations for reunions girls weekends and guys getaways 15GO RESORTING 2016 Golfers Families and Groups love us. 1-866-323-3305 Imagine36 chalet cottages and a main lodge all nestled around the trees and manicured lawns of a 240 acre estate. With over a mile of beautiful shoreline 350 feet of safe sandy beach and pristine waters the Lake of Bays is inviting to all. For sport enthusiasts we offer tennis ski school canoe trips boat rentals nature trails sandwater volleyball horseshoes shuffleboard in addition to 6 world class golf courses nearby. We have a great Kids Program so join in the fun and become a Petticoat Kid For everyone great food B.B.Q.s bonfires shore breakfast on our private island lunches on the patio. Unforgettable sunsets starry night skies sitting by the fire and listening to the loons calling. Napping romancing meeting new friends and simply having good old fashioned fun on Beautiful Lake of Bays Owned and operated by the Hungerford family for 95 years. Youll Never Forget the Good Times 1-800-461-4371 705-635-2991 photo credit Rob Little RELAX REJUVENATE weddings Tying the knot Think of Ontario resorts for perfect venues parties and honeymoons 16 GO RESORTING 2016 3043 Beachwood Drive Lakefield ON 1-888-313-1118 Lakeside Cottages Condos Main Lodge Rooms 1400 feet of gentle shoreline 330 acres of wooded trails and wildlife 2 hrs from Toronto 3 hrs from Ottawa delicious on-site dining at 1-800-383-3976 Caledon ON A RESORT EXPERIENCE Beyond the Ordinary Elevate your next getaway with exceptional service relaxing guestrooms delicious meals prepared by award-winning chefs and first-class amenities including year round hot springs all surrounded by 100 acres of beautiful Caledon countryside. Book your next getaway at Millcroft Inn Spa. RELAX REJUVENATE 17GO RESORTING 2016 Fun for Everyone Kids Eat Dinner Free All Summer Through July and August. Call for more details. ACCOMMODATION DINING GOLF SPA CONFERENCE Grand Bend 519 238-2324 ELEVATE YOUR NEXT Resort Experience 1-888-669-5566 Niagara-on-the-Lake ON Why settle for the ordinary when exceptional service charming guestrooms award-winning cuisine and outstanding amenities await you at Pillar and Post in beautiful Niagara-on-the-Lake. Book your next memorable getaway today. 116 Gloucester Trail PO Box 250 Port Severn Ontario L0K 1S0 Toll Free 844-322-8810 RELAX REJUVENATE ESCAPE UNWIND WHAT TO EXPECT 18 GO RESORTING 2016 FIND SOME YOU TIME Let us do all the planning for you This collection of resorts offer inclusive vacations and getaways with all the comforts of home and in natural surroundings Get away from it all by escaping the everyday. We keep it simple with structured activities in smaller settings allowing you to relax unwind and escape from the stresses of everyday life. Rewarding yourself. Escaping the everyday. Activities for all. 19GO RESORTING 2016 ESCAPE UNWIND A return to an era of grace and simplicity BOOK your Experience NOW T 800 461-1117 E Comeenjoythenewlyrenovated KillarneyMountainLodge areturntoaneraofgraceandsimplicityand theessenceoftheGeorgianBayvacationexperience. 1-866-844-2228 Your Authentic Muskoka Escape Catch the Family Fun Catch the Family Fun So Peaceful Relaxing Private Serene 35 Cozy Rooms Lakeside Dining Adults-Mostly Couples Year Round Peterborough and the Kawarthas 800-387-8100 Discover your magic moment JUST 50 MINUTES FROM TORONTO 800-465-2376 BRIARS.CA Famous for family fun and fishing 705.652.3542 INDULGE SAVOUR WHAT TO EXPECT 20 GO RESORTING 2016 LET CALM TAKE OVER For the free spirits who are carefree spontaneous and love being pampered Luxuriate in soothing spa treatments and enjoy the subtle luxuries that elevate your experience to unforgettable Indulge and savour the best that Ontario has to offer. Try something new and lose yourself in the wonders of Canadian nature. A place where you can do it all - made for your enthusiasm and zest for life. Express yourself. Soak it all in. Do it all... and now. 21GO RESORTING 2016 1.800.263.5766 WWW.WHITEOAKSRESORT.COM Time to sip and savour meander and mull or... dive with reckless abandon back under the duvet. Niagara-on-the-Lake LIFEINTHESLOWLANE INDULGE SAVOUR 22 GO RESORTING 2016 Members of The Federation of Ontario Bed and Breakfast Accommodation are quality assured and inspected Members of The FederationMembers of The Federation of Ontario Bed and Breakfastof Ontario Bed and Breakfast Accommodation are qualityAccommodation are quality assured and inspectedassured and inspected BONDI VILLAGE COTTAGE RESORT Family Cottages with fireplaces year round. 1700 feet of sandy South facing Lakeshore. Private 600 acres with 20 km hikingski trails. Wildlife minutes from Algonquin Park. Off peak couples rates. 1-888-300-2132 705-635-2261 CLEARVIEW RESORT Famous for family fun and fishing. Located 20 min from Peterborough on ClearStoney Lake. 22 Housekeeping Cottages. Boats and motors. Sandy beach. Summer activities program. Good Bass Pickerel Muskie fishing. 705-652-3542 EGANRIDGE INN COUNTRY CLUB Located on the tranquil shores of Sturgeon Lake Eganridge Inn Country Club and Spa is the perfect place to enjoy premier spa scenic golf course and gracious dining. All ensure a memorable visit. 705-738-5111 GOLDEN BEACH RESORT We are a premier 4 Season Cottage Resort on Rice Lake ON. Cottages daily and seasonal RV sites fishing pool splash pad kids club Weddings and Conferences and recreational facilities. 90 minutes east of Toronto on Rice Lake. 1-800-263-7781 905-342-5366 ISAIAH TUBBS RESORT AND CONFERENCE CENTRE isaiah tubbs is a country comfortable resort located on the shores of West Lake. We offer diverse accommodation choices sunset dining beach weddings and meeting and conference facilities. 1-800-724-2393 613-393-2090 JW MARRIOTT THE ROSSEAU MUSKOKA RESORT SPA Ranked among the Top 20 Resorts in Canada by Cond Nast Traveler readers this luxurious year-round resort is 2-12 hours north of Toronto. Breathtaking views of Lake Rosseau are complemented by great dining year-round indoor-outdoor swimming pool full-service spa conference centre and a wide range of indoor and outdoor activities. 705-765-1900 1-866-240-8605 LAKESIDE COTTAGES Award Winning Resort 90 mins From Toronto10 mins From Peterborough. Lakefront Spotless Cottages Superb Sand BeachPlay Area. Sunsets Campfires Family Fun and Great Bass Pickerel Muskie Carp Fishing 705-652-7160 SANDY LANE RESORT Halls Lake Haliburton Highlands. Cottages that have it all by the lake internet fireplaces private hot tubs etc. kids summer program wedding facilities all winter activitiesalways open. 1-800-461-1422 SUNNY POINT RESORT COTTAGES INN Ontarios finest most private pet friendly waterfront housekeeping cottage resort. Ranked 1 by Trip Advisor for Parry Sound and Top 3 in Ontario. Beach Boats Canoes Tennis Hiking Etc. 1-800-265-0432 Resort Listings 23GO RESORTING 2016 Check out our exciting seasonal offers for family vacations romantic escapes and getaways Remember Tuesdays are Free during Spring and Fall SPRING - March-June www.resortsofontario.comspring SUMMER - June-August www.resortsofontario.comsummer FALL - September-November www.resortsofontario.comfall WINTER - November-March www.resortsofontario.comwinter Resort getaway packages for every type. Weve made it worth the look. 24 GO RESORTING 201524 GO RESORTING 2016 Give a Go Resorting gift certificate and give the gift of freedom. A Go Resorting gift certificate opens the door to over 100 resorts inns and BBs across Ontario. Its a passport to a romantic rendezvous in a charming inn tucked away in the pines a kickstart to a family get together in a year-round resort or just a way of saying thank you to an employee. Denominations are in 50-500 theyre transferable and they never expire. Its the freedom to say Im taking off for the weekend. Buy now at PLUS save with downloadable coupons Use your Resorts of Ontario Gift Certificate for experiences vacations recreation services restaurants freedom Terms Conditions Redeemable only at Resorts of Ontario Member properties in good standings for the current year. Gift Certificates cannot be replaced if lost or stolen.There is no expiration date. Gift Certificates are 100 transferable. A 10.00 Shipping Handling Fee for up to 1-3 Gift Certificate packages applies. For 4 or more packages an additional charge will apply. OTIC ONTARIO TRAVEL INFORMATION CENTRES i THE REGIONAL TRAVEL ORGANIZATIONS OF ONTARIO 25GO RESORTING 2016 Purchase Resorts of Ontario Gift Certificates at these locations Bainsville.........................................1-613-347-3498 Barrie....................................................1-800-567-1140 Hawkesbury.............................1-613-674-2000 Niagara Falls............................1-905-358-3221 Pigeon River...........................1-807-964-2094 St. Catharines........................1-905-684-6354 Sarnia...................................................1-519-344-7403 Sault Ste. Marie..................1-705-945-6941 Tilbury..................................................1-519-682-9501 Toronto............................................ 1-416-314-5899 Windsor ...........................................1-519-973-1338 RTO 1 Southwest Ontario Tourism 1-519-290-8687 RTO 2 The Tourism Partnership of Niagara 1-905-328-1771 RTO 3 Hamilton Halton and Brant Tourism Region 1-905-297-0190 RTO 4 Huron Perth Waterloo and Wellington Tourism Region 1-519-271-7000 RTO 5 Greater Toronto Area Tourism Region 1-416-203-2600 RTO 6 Central Counties Tourism 1-855-204-8677 RTO 7 Bruce GreySimcoe Tourism Region 1-705-888-8728 RTO 8 Kawartha Northumberland Tourism Region 1-866-251-0005 RTO 9 South Eastern Ontario Tourism Region 1-613-344-2095 RTO 10 Ottawa and Countryside Tourism Region 1-613-237-6822 RTO 11 Ontarios Highlands Tourism 1-855-629-6486 RTO 12 Explorers Edge 1-800-835-7303 RTO 13a Northeastern Ontario 1-800-465-6655 RTO 13b Sault Ste. MarieAlgoma 1-800-263-2546 RTO 13c Northwest Ontario 1-800-665-7567 26 GO RESORTING 2016 Welcoming visitors with delicious local foods dont miss our award-winning butter tarts and craft brews a thriving theatre and arts scene and some of the best freshwater fishing in the world. Try houseboating on the Trent-Severn Waterway cycle drive or hike one of our many scenic routes. Were only 90 minutes east of Toronto. Plan your adventure at BEACHWOOD RESORT CLEARVIEW COTTAGE RESORT ELMHIRSTS RESORT PINE VISTA RESORT SOUTHVIEW COTTAGES BruceGreySimcoe always in season Whether its family time couple time or me time make us your four-season getaway destination. Spend time outdoors hiking cycling beaching fishing golfing touring and sunset viewing. Shop quaint downtowns unwind at a spa enjoy family fun at Blue Mountain Village savour local cuisine and beverages. Break away from the everyday WESTWIND INN ON THE LAKE BALSAM RESORT BELLEMERE WINDS RESORT BIRCH BEND COTTAGE RESORT BLUE MOUNTAIN RESORT IN THE KAWARTHAS BRIGHTON INN BED BREAKFAST EGANRIDGE INN COUNTRY CLUB GOLDEN BEACH RESORT IRWIN INN LAKE EDGE COTTAGES LAKESIDE COTTAGES LONE MAPLE COTTAGES PIGEON LAKE RESORT SCOTSMAN POINT RESORT SOUTHWINDS RESORT MARINA STE. ANNES SPA THE VILLAGE INN THREE CASTLES RESORT TOWER MANOR LODGE VIAMEDE CONFERENCE RESORT SPA WOODLAND ESTATE RESORT WOODLAWN COUNTRY INN RESTAURANT BLUE MOUNTAIN RESORT FERN RESORT KNIGHT INN HARBOUR RESORT SEVERN LODGE CARRIAGE RIDGE RESORT CHRISTIES MILL INN SPA COBBLE BEACH CRANBERRY GOLF RESORT GEORGIAN BAY HOTEL CONFERENCE CENTRE HORSESHOE RESORT KEMPENFELT CONFERENCE CENTRE LOGPOINTE HOUSEKEEPING COTTAGES PRETTY RIVER VALLEY COUNTRY INN ROYAL HAROUR RESORT STONE GATE INN YMCA GENEVA PARK THE BRIARS RESORT SPA HOCKLEY VALLEY RESORT MILLCROFT INN SPA Relax and explore the regions of York Durham and Headwaters where nature history and arts culture collide Stay at one of our luxurious resorts while experiencing incredible shopping cuisine quaint towns villages galleries and attractions. Or enjoy an unforgettable outdoor adventure by hiking cycling our lush trails or teeing off on a world-class golf course. We have just what you need to make your visit unforgettable Plan your trip today at and well see you soon. LITTLE CREEK RANCH MODEL A ACRES BED AND BREAKFAST MOUNTAIN ASH FARM COUNTRY INN NESTLETON WATERS INN PENINSULA RESORT WHISPERING PINES BAYVIEW WILDWOOD RESORT FIND A RESORT BY REGION 27GO RESORTING 2016 Southwestern Ontario OAKWOOD RESORT ELMHURST INN SPA LONG POINT ECO ADVENTURES WESTOVER INN Niagara PILLAR AND POST INN SPA INN ON THE TWENTY VINE RIDGE RESORT WHITE OAKS RESORT SPA Greater Toronto Area THE GLENERIN INN SPA Southeastern Ontario CHERRY BEACH RESORT CLARAMOUNT INN SPA RESTAURANT DRAKE DEVONSHIRE INN ECHO BAY COTTAGES GANANOQUE INN SPA GREEN ACRES INN ISAIAH TUBBS RESORT CONFERENCE CENTRE LOUGHBOROUGH INN ROSEMOUNT INN SPA TRAVELODGE HOTEL RESORT BELLEVILLE THE WARING HOUSE GLEN HOUSE RESORT HighlandsCapital Region BIRCH CLIFF LODGE BONNIE VIEW INN CALABOGIE PEAKS RESORT FOOTPRINTS COUPLES RESORT FERNLEIGH LODGE GAIL SPRINGS HALIMAR RESORT HEATHER LODGE MCCREARYS RESORT OGOPOGO RESORT PINESTONE RESORT RIVERRUN RAFTING WILDERNESS RESORT SANDY LANE RESORT SAUCY WILLOW INN SIR SAMS INN WATERSPA SPECTACLE LAKE LODGE North KILLARNEY MOUNTAIN LODGE BIG MOOSE CAMP ELK LAKE ECO CENTRE LAKE HERRIDGE LODGE LODGE AT PINE COVE SPORTSMANS INN RESORT MARINA Muskoka BARTLETT LODGE KILLARNEY LODGE LUMINA RESORT PORT CUNNINGTON LODGE AND RESORT ROCKY CREST RESORT SHERWOOD INN AHMIC LAKE RESORT ALGONQUIN COTTAGE OUTPOST LOG CABIN BEAUVIEW COTTAGE RESORT BILLIE BEAR RESORT BLUE SPRUCE RESORT BLUE WATER ACRES BONDI VILLAGE RESORT CEDAR GROVE LODGE COUPLES RESORT DEERHURST RESORT DELAWANA RESORT FOXWOOD RESORT GRAND TAPPATTOO RESORT HIDDEN VALLEY RESORT MUSKOKA JW MARRIOTT THE ROSSEAU MUSKOKA LANTERN BAY RESORT NORSEMEN WALKER LAKE RESORT THE NORTHRIDGE SHAMROCK BAY RESORT SHAMROCK LODGE SUNNY POINT RESORT COTTAGES INN TALLY-HO INN TRILLIUM RESORT SPA WINDERMERE HOUSE FIND A RESORT BY REGION Find unique offers and save with our downloadable coupons Come and visit York Durham and Headwaters full to the brim with exciting things to do and places to stay. 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