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Resorts of Ontario embraces over 100 unique resorts in Ontario, offering 4 season vacations that symbolize the Resorts of Ontario hallmark:

Quality, Service and Dependability

We represent full service and self catering resorts including resort hotels, resort lodges, cottage resorts and country inns.

We are a resource for the media for intriguing story ideas and contacts within the resort community as well as story themes and experiences.

Our services include:

  • Press Kit
  • Photo Library
  • Facilitation of media tours and interviews
  • Resort trends

We are proud members of TMAC - Travel Media Association of Canada, TIAC - Tourism Industry Association of Canada and TIAO - Tourism Industry Association of Ontario.

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Unique Culinary Experiences at Ontario Resorts

Unique Culinary Experiences at Ontario Resorts

One of the big perks of vacationing at a resort is not having to deal with food prep and planning. No groceries, cooking, or dishes. None of the searching for restaurants and scavenging for snacks that happens when you forego resort dining. But then again, you might be a bit concerned about the kind of fare that comes with those “all-inclusive” packages. Will it be fresh and seasonal? Will my kids find something they like? How about my food preferences? What if I want a special culinary experience I can’t get anywhere else?
7 of Ontario Resorts Most Relaxing Spa Getaways

7 of Ontario Resorts Most Relaxing Spa Getaways